Whatever makes you you – that’s what people find attractive

What makes you special?

What makes you any different from the 50 gazillion other people on this earth?

Scientists say the odds of you being born are at least 1 in 400 trillion. Maybe even 1 in 400 quadrillion. That is incredibly unlikely to the point of impossible

But I don’t care WHY you were born

I care that out of that 1 in 400 quadrillion… No one on Earth has the same fingerprints. "The probability of two individuals sharing the same fingerprints is 1 in 64 billion. To this day, no two fingerprints have been found to be identical."

Now THAT is impressive.

But what that also means is that not only are you a rare specimen in general (1 in 400 quadrillion) but there is LITERALLY no one else like you – so as far as I see it, that makes you special.

That makes you individual and unique.

And yet, as a society, we often try to be like each other.

We follow trends, dress the same, eat certain foods and so on.

Why is that? Is it a sense of community? Maybe.

Is it that we cant make our own choices and are not sure what is right or wrong, so we follow the crowd? Maybe

Or is it that we are scared to stand out? To be noticed? Possibly true.

Maybe, just maybe, and I’m going with this one… maybe we are scared of finding out who WE are?

Because finding out who we are and acting accordingly makes us responsible for our authentic selves and THAT is scary.

What if others don’t like what we find?

What if WE don’t like what we find?

Then what?

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it, right?!?!?


Right then, decision made.

Let’s not delve. Let’s not discover or dig into who we are and what makes us special.

Let’s just go along with everyone else, fit in, be accepted and be liked.

Problem is… I happen to know that to be liked is not enough to be happy.

You have to LIKE YOURSELF.

How do you like yourself when you know you aren’t really being yourself? Or maybe you don’t even know yet who ‘yourself’ is?!

If you look at your life right now and there is any part of you that is unhappy, I would hazard a guess that it has very little to do with other people or outward circumstances (even though I’m sure that’s what you want to believe and have been telling yourself all along) … usually, what it is, is that you are not living a life that is true or authentic to you.

Often time our moods happens to be defined by a person you are interacting with… THAT is not how it should be.

Print this out on your wall…

I can not predict, control or manage how what I do or say will make other people think, behave or feel (and vice versa!)

Only when you live true to yourself will you be genuinely happy.


What is different about you?

What can you do better than anyone else?

Do you have a laugh that makes other people laugh?

Do you see every side to a situation?

Do you feel and fight for injustice, even in just small ways?

Are you someone who has really good one-liners?