The life I crave

I want to live to the extreme.

I want adventure.

I want joy.

I want to feel fulfilled.

I want to make the most of every single moment that I take a breath.

I want to know who I am and be who I am uncompromisingly.

I want to do whatever I want, whenever I want and savour every experience I have.

I want to genuinely have a smile on my face and see the good in everything, even when it’s painful.

Because pain is also part of ‘living’, of ‘experiencing’ life in all its glory.

That’s what I want… I want to feel like I’m LIVING!

And I want to share that with people.

I want to share that with my friends. I want to laugh hysterically till I nearly wet my pants.

I want to share that with strangers. I want to beam a great big smile at someone and genuinely hope they feel it so that when they smile back, I feel fuller too.

I want to share that with my kids. I want to teach them that life is miraculous and amazing and mind-blowing IF they choose to see it that way.

I want to share it with the love of my life. My soul mate. Because when you share something special like that, when you share your experience of the world together, when you find joy in the simple things together and you share who you are down to your soul, then you really know what it is to LIVE and to LOVE.

Did you know how people get to triple figures?

I mean in years, not dollars. You want to know about money – you need to follow someone else’s account 😉

It’s actually NOT genetics.

Genetics plays a reasonably small part in how long you live.

Just because Grandpa Joe lived to 105, doesn’t mean you will love.

It’s also NOT lifestyle… though, that definitely helps – because lifestyle kind of comes into what DOES keep you living longer.

What keeps people living the longest, is how many people in their life that they have to love.

Because it’s our CONNECTION to others that fills our hearts and gives us life. It’s our connection to the world and everyone in it. It’s seeing what’s good in people and what’s good in life and enjoying it all. It’s knowing how to make the best of things. To choose joy. To choose fun and laughter and to see the funny side of things. And to share that with the people you love.

How do you do that?

Good question.

I don’t know. What do you think I am, an expert? Ha ha. Joking!

How you do that is through PERSPECTIVE.

Learning to reframe your experiences. Learning to look at the kids missing the bus as an opportunity to spend time with your darling children who won’t always be around for cuddles when you want them. Learning to look at a separation in marriage as an opportunity to rebuild, either yourself or a second chance for your marriage. Learning to look at people you don’t get on with, as people you just don’t understand… yet. See the good in life.

It’s reframing how you think.

It’s CHOOSING to presume the best.

It’s noticing that the great thing about today may only be that the sun is shining. But hey, at least it’s shining and you’re not cold and wet and feeling miserable. You’re presumably not homeless either. So instead of sitting inside, focussed on something non-life affirming… Get outdoors, listen to the birds, people chatting in the street, cars whizzing by as people drive home to their dogs who can’t wait to see them and be present in your own life.

It actually doesn’t take much to be happy, it is just a decision.

“Once the decision is clear, the doing becomes effortless”