Thankful for things that SUCK!

I've come across an interesting self-process method, to say the least!

It’s all in a book called ‘Make Miracles in 40 days’.

The premise?

We are all used to the ‘Gratitude’ exercise i.e. wake up, create a list of things you’re thankful for and why and REALLY feel it… this is said to utilise the rules of the Law of Attraction and create MORE of what you WANT.

Well, not this exercise! This exercise, which I must say I’m actually loving right now, is about being thankful for all the sh*t in your life, the crap, the dogs do-do, all of it. Any guilt or shame you have – be thankful for it. Your anger towards an ex – be thankful for it. You hate your boss – you guessed it… be thankful for it.

At first I thought – oh there’s a twist here - they’re asking you to find the reasons why you should be thankful for all the crap. But NO! That’s NOT the point. The point is that when you list all of the things you aren’t really thankful for - but say it in a way that implies you ARE thankful for it – you actually get it OUT OF YOUR BODY!

You clear the blockages. People, places, things, insecurities, resentments, anger, fear, judgements – whatever feelings come up, write about them as soon as you can. Get them out!

Today I am thankful for: · I’m thankful for the fact I got fired today. · I’m thankful for the stupid cow who ran over my foot with her bike while I was crossing the road. · I’m thankful for having the flu and feeling super sick. · I’m thankful for not having enough money to buy anything I want. · I’m thankful for my loser boyfriend who doesn’t appear to give a crap about me! · Make a list of all the people that have annoyed or frustrated you – be thankful for them too… · As Mel writes in her book “Write that you’re thankful for how scared you feel, how angry you feel, how much you despise the person who hurt or abused you, how you can’t get the incident out of your mind or wont forgive them.” And so on… It sounds silly. But I’ve done it. And I’ve found that I’m actually one angry mofo… I often (I would even say ‘frequently’) have more than 3 x A4 pages of things I’m thankful (not really) for! I would never have said I was. I think I’m pretty chill actually – but I’m holding A LOT in clearly!!! :0 And I’ve only done this for three days but I have to tell you – I feel so much better after having done it! I really do!

It’s like I’m getting all of these little niggly pain in the arse moments OUT of me. I’m clearing all of my emotions – even the little nothing ones that I wouldn’t even otherwise notice. I’m not carrying it around with me anymore!

I’m getting rid of all the pain that lives inside me. Resentments, things other people have done to me, things I feel bad about myself for, all of it… instead of denying that it exists, I’m bringing it out to the forefront of my mind and releasing it all!

Releasing all of these things can actually clear your blockages and clear the path for you to create a life you love! Or even begin to love the life you already have!

Speaking of which – that’s the next bit of the exercise (though I think if you only have time for one bit, the first step is pretty bloody amazing in itself) The second bit is to write a goals list.

Just your goals for the day will suffice or you can do bigger. It doesn’t really matter. I’ll admit, it is a little difficult to change gears from writing down all the stuff that pee’s you off and then suddenly go into planning mode – but stick with it. You’ll feel the change. Once you’ve written your goals list… Third and last step:

Write the answer to this question in as much detail as you can…

If I had a magic wand to wave over my life and it would create whatever I want, what miracle would I make?

That’s it. 1,2,3… voila! Now do this every day for as long as you can – I guarantee you’ll feel the difference! Get it all out. Release any stuck emotions about anything in your life. Don’t overthink it. Don’t intellectualise it. Don’t censor it. Let all of those things that frustrate the life out of you, pour out! Get clear on what you want from your life

As Mel Beattie states “having a heart blocked with resentment is the number one barrier to achieving what we want in life, manifesting our goals and experiencing joy”.

We either feel and release the energy or store the feelings with others; but when we let go of stuck emotions, we instantly come into balance. ReplyForward

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