Slam your heart into people

Life can be horrible and scary… duh. What a ridiculous thing to say!

Life can be a maggot infested cockroach on top of a 4-day old rancid sh!t pile!

And to avoid dealing with that rancid sh!t pile, we do EVERYTHING in our power to control it!!

We second-guess people or we pre-empt situations, we practice what we are going to say IF they say something (usually during a lone imaginary conversation in the shower), we worry and overthink and let all our fears embed themselves in our psyche, just so we can ‘prepare’ ourselves for what ‘could, possibly, may end up’ being something bad… or not.

There are two ways to go from here… both of which contradict each other.

Both of which I believe… why?

Because I can.

The first is – thanks to PROOF in Quantum Physics; there are universal laws (like the fact that there is a multiverse (seen Sliding Doors?) and the Law of Attraction (The Secret).

Known as the Many Worlds Theory – there is proof that multiple realities with different versions of you, where you made different decisions, all exist simultaneously.

And in addition the Many Worlds theory, the Law of Attraction stipulates that we all operate at certain vibrations and that depending on your vibration, you will draw other similar vibrations to you and therefore can choose to manifest your reality.

Then, there is the second point to make… you’re not in control of your destiny or fate anyway, so let it go.

I believe in both. Or rather all three.

I believe that;

There are multiple worlds with you in it playing out different stories and realities and that at any given time, it is up to you and how you view the world and what your vibration is that determines which reality you create and that once you have set your path on knowing what you want and vibrating at that frequency, then you can let it go and leave it up to see if your best efforts became fruitful after all.

So figure out what you want – focus on that with all your energy and effort, and then ‘let the outcome go’. Let it be what it will be.

It’s like they say ‘you rear a child up to the age of 7, after that, you have to hope you did a good job because the rest is on them!’

It’s the same thing… do the work in the lead up, believe, desire, create, manifest and then, hope you did enough!

I tell you, the weight of letting the outcome go just floats off your body and for the first time in a long time, you will feel no residual stress, heartache or worry and anxiety; you will stop creating problems worse than the ones you’ve already got and just learn to trust.

Relax into your life a little more…

  • Love deeply and without the need to possess or own, let beautiful connections pass through you without attachment, slam your heart into people and places and things that ignite your soul. You will never lose what is for you. The light you are chasing is inside you anyway.

  • Trust your intuition, let your heart and soul guide you

  • Letting go of something, means it makes room for something else – maybe the very thing you’ve been wishing and hoping for?

  • Letting go means to release whatever it is that is keeping you stuck. In letting go we allow change in.

Hold a pencil – Look at that pencil in your hand and imagine that pencil represents the very thing you are trying to control, the thing you are worrying about, the thing you know you need to trust and let go of… Put all of your thoughts and emotions and fears about that thing onto that pencil.
Now, let it go.
How does it feel to let it go?

The unknowable is in motion in your life – but in that blankness is held undiluted potential – at the same time both pregnant and empty.

Will I fail? Will I be abandoned? Will it all be taken away? – and yet, your highest good, your truest possibilities, all your fertile dreams are held within that same blankness.

Life calls for no less an act of courage than an empty-handed leap into the void.