No matter how much coffee I drink, I'm still not aWOKE

I absolutely truly HATE political correctness.

The last thing I want to be is WOKE.

I get where they are coming from and yes, every ‘group’ has its dark and light and blurred lines; but I just feel like the woke people judge all the other people all the time for not doing the things THEY think they should do… which completely goes along with their need to fight for the injustices of others, but not for the personal freedom of others at all.

I’m a libertarian.

We emphasise free association, freedom of choice, individualism and voluntary association.

But more so, I’m an authenticist – actually THAT should be a political position – just like being a libertarian is.

My question is this… Why can’t we all let everyone do or be whatever they bloody want to be? As long as they are not impacting us directly or with malice, what do we care?

Ok so I imagine the answer to this would be something like ‘but they ARE impacting us’ i.e. when you decide to NOT buy a keep-cup, you are impacting our future children by the measure of climate change effects that will be on them and I guess this is where my argument goes south… I figure, it doesn’t impact ME.

So, in many ways, that’s selfish, but in many other ways, why is it any of your business to make decisions for future you’s?!

I guess I don’t think about what hasn’t happened yet.

And yet, I am very future obsessed.

Maybe I’m not other obsessed.

Yes, that’s right, I’m not.

I don’t know – my issue is more that they seem to be so worried about everyone else. Sort your own shit out. What is that saying ‘charity begins at home’.

If YOU want to make a difference to your world, YOU do it, in YOUR way. Leave everyone else to do what they choose to do. They will anyway, lets be real.

I actually also think that sometimes, the ‘woke’ belabour the point so much that there would HAVE to be people who actually wouldn’t mind having a keep-cup and they can totally see the sense in it, but just to infuriate the know-it-alls, they don’t.

I don’t agree with them. But I also can see why they are doing it.

All I’m saying is… give peace a chance. Lol

No really, all I’m saying is, leave everyone alone.

Let people do, be, have whatever it is that they need to – maybe we would all be happier as a human race and THEN we might actually look beyond ourselves to the bigger picture and might even end up on the same page as eachother!