My obituary

Amanda Anderson.

She was the type of person who decided after her first marriage & her sister died, to always remain a Thomas (her roots were important).

Then she met Hamish and he was the love of her life; her soul mate & twin flame and he was worth changing her name for. She often said one thing, then, did another. She didn’t live life by anyone else’s rules and if she wanted to change her mind or do something others disagreed with, it didn’t faze her. A laugh a minute. Her dry humour was witty and insightful. That’s what made her funny. She saw the world completely differently to most. She’d often ask a question of a situation and people would think ‘Hmmm, I never thought of it that way’. Sometimes people would say ‘you can’t say that shit Amanda!’ but she would, without hesitation or a second thought. She was up for anything. “Wanna go swimming with crocodiles?!” Sure. Ready to hit the ground running. She loved living the good life – that wasn’t money or material things – the good life to Amanda meant living life to the max, being up for anything, experiencing life as one big adventure. Amanda hid her softer side but crying over puppy commercials told us all otherwise. She didn’t share her inner self with just anyone… well, she didn’t share her inner self with anyone at all! Lol Except her husband Hamish, she was safe with him. I think Amanda lost too many people to trust and be vulnerable for fear of building a deeper connection and then having it taken from her. She kept people at bay. Not openly. Openly she was welcoming, but her inner sanctum? The doors were bolted shut. She made life fun for anyone around her… and she had fun too! You either loved her or hated her, whichever it was, wasn’t her problem. She overshared. Always. Needy people frustrated her. She felt like they didn’t realise how strong they actually were until they were faced with true adversity, but more often than not, they gave up too quickly. However, if you really did need someone, she was there. Even at 3am. In fact, that’s how she determined if you were a good friend or not… “Would I get out of my warm bed at 3am to go & comfort them?” Yes? That made them a good friend. Otherwise, they were just an acquaintance. She was often black and white in her outlook. She had friends that were all in. Laugh till they wet their pants. They were loyal. Not in a mushy way, but she KNEW who had her back. She also easily walked away from people. If you crossed a line with her, there was no going back. She wasn’t bitchy or aggressive or upset, but she changed. And you noticed. And she literally never looked back or gave it another thought. Amanda loved Freedom. Freedom to be outside and feel the rain on her face and the breeze whistling by. Freedom to be unapologetically herself. She liked doing what she wanted to do when she wanted to do it.

She loved deeply. She loved unconditionally. If she loved you, she loved you forever. She loved her kids, her husband and her life. She felt very lucky. And was eternally grateful. She would open her eyes and think about how amazing each moment of each day was and how much she had to be thankful for. Ultimately, I think it’s safe to say, Amanda was the happiest person I’ve ever known, regardless of what pain came her way. She wanted to travel more. But people have jobs, you need money, there are travel restrictions and so on. But if that’s the only thing she would have wanted to do better, that’s pretty bloody good in my opinion! She will be sorely missed… not that she’d care. LOL

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