Missing out on the life I wanted

I was so busy trying to create a future life that I was missing my current life.

Until my current life got my attention by IMPLODING!

Over the past decade, was relentless in my pursuit of a better life, my dream life; I ‘thought’ I was using the law of attraction to bring in the things I wanted… a house with water views, to live overseas, to work on a passion project instead of a ‘job’, to travel the world often…

But those things didn’t show up – no matter how hard I tried to ‘create’ them.

I’ve since realised, the universe will always support your desires… when you are aligned with your true and authentic self.

My problem was, unbeknownst to me – those are not things I truly desired. They were things I ‘thought’ I desired.

Really, they were just distractio


The latest designer outfit, the fancy big house, the new car, the private schools, the water view property, the travel…

They were distractions I used to help me to live in denial. Denial that I was ultimately not living my best life.

It became apparent that my level of distraction was in direct proportion to the lack of control I felt in my life.

Control is the result of being attached to a specific outcome – one we’re certain is the best for us. We try to control our life because of what we think is going to happen if we don’t.

But when we are attached to the outcome, the universe cannot come in and help us give what we really need.

I needed to return to my true self, I needed to find joy in my life again. I needed to recreate the life of my dreams without any of the external trappings.

I needed to be happy just sitting in a park listening to the kookaburras laugh or watching a frisbee bounce on the air, enjoy my husband and children and spend time just being with me.

I needed to be present in my current life. I needed to have gratitude for my current life.

But I was too busy looking elsewhere.

I didn’t want to se

e what was not working, because then I’d have to do something about it.

So, instead of look at it, truly see it for what it was, I distracted myself with all the other paraphernalia.

Then I paid the price.

I lost everything I truly valued… (and no, it wasn’t the house or the plane tickets or the car)

But it was the only way to return to an honest, real, and authentic experience. It was the only way for me to see that I was off track. Waaaaay off track!

Times might be tough right now. Maybe you don’t have the things you ‘want’ or maybe you already lost the things that ‘matter’… Trust that what you are going through right now in your life, even if you feel as if you are off course.

It is actually part of your bigger picture; the universe always has a plan greater than yours and it is your opportunity to surrender to that.

When we let go of what we think we should do and exchange our control for trust, we begin to create space for mira

cles to enter.

Instead of focusing your energy on what ‘could’ happen – focus on what you want to happen, what fills your heart, what really matters to who you are.

If we hold on to too many things; beliefs, physical items and emotional burdens... we won’t have room for the new goodness to come in.

All change requires growth and if we hold on to our past, it can prevent us from moving forward. All change represents a new period of our life where we can welcome in new opportunities.

So, surrender. R

ecognise who you are inside, what fills your soul; release expectations and follow your truth.

And, while you’re at it… Let yourself off the hook for trying to control the outcome

Strip down, declutter all the things you don’t want to carry into the new period and do whatever brings you


Let life in and be unapologetically, uncompromisingly and unconditionally YOU!

THAT will make you happy 😊