I have made myself a cup of tea and eaten a fantail. What the f*c$?!?!

Why do we choose to live in a state of ignorant bliss, when we KNOW that at some point it’s going to come bite us in the a*se?

Why do we know what we want but don’t go after it?

Thought about quitting your job for your real life?

I have!

Now I bet you’re thinking – why does she have a ‘real’ job when she’s supposed to be an authenticist and doing THAT as her real job.

You are right.

But sometimes you simply need to supplement your income. It’s smart business really.

It also means I get paid to work on my business even if I don’t happen to have clients that day.

See… genius!

We’ve all got to work.

And if you don’t have to work in a job that fits into some sort of bloody ‘org’ chart – maybe you have to work with taking care of your own children or schlepping your parents around to Doctors’ appointments – whatever it is, I’m sure life doesn’t always feel like it’s yours to do with what you would like.

How do we do our best to make sure we at least get to live the life we want ‘sometimes’!?!?

How do we not ‘get stuck’ working for The Man to earn money, but then letting our ‘dreams’ just get lost in the day-to-day haze?

Do 3 things every day that get you to where you want to be? Look at the Wheel of life and pick your first three top priorities?

Now – this is great and all – if you have the discipline.

I guess the question begs… is your ‘dream’ something you ‘really’ want? – even if, or especially when, it’s hard work?!

I know mine is. Something I really want.

Every single time I write a list or a plan or anything, it always says the same things.

I’ve got lists from when I was 16 that BASICALLY say the same thing they still do now at 47 and honestly, I’m not much closer to getting to any of them… because although they are ALL totally within reach and realistic, I haven’t achieved them yet. In a way.

They’re simple things like lose 10kg (which you’d think over 30 years I’d either figure out how to be skinny or I’d accept myself as I am)

Or it’s things like ‘grow my nails’

Or ‘dress more stylishly’, ‘be a nicer person’ etc

Don’t get me wrong, I have done them at SOME stage. Some for a short time, some for a long time – but the thing that throws me the most is that the list is about the ‘new person’ I want to become and yet, I’m still not that new person.

That new person is the package deal – where ALL of those things on the list happen, simultaneously, with everything else on the list… and continue to happen until THAT IS JUST ME!

THAT is where I have failed.

I’ve grown my nails. Sure.

I’ve lost weight. Sure.

I’ve been nice. Sure.

I’ve dressed classily. Sure.

Have I done them all at the same time for years at a time – nope.

I can not for the life of me seem able to create this ‘new’ and ‘improved’ version of myself that I keep writing lists about!