I did it.

I shaved my head. Although I talked about it for a bit, I actually didn’t spend too much time thinking about it. The time spent talking was literally waiting for my next hair dressing appointment and preparing others for what I was about to do – I felt that others might care more than I do and so they might need some prep time. So, it was my day off and I went to the hair dresser. Didn’t want to do it myself – I mean, I don’t know if a shaved head is supposed to have shape!

As it turned out. It was the right thing to do – a shaved head DOES have to have shape – otherwise you look like a furry tennis ball. Currently I’m more on the Amber Rose trajectory than the Tennis Ball trajectory. I sat in the chair – my friend came with me – I think she’s into schadenfreude to be honest. Which was funny because she was keen to come to see the miraculous transformation, but then once it was complete, she said ‘it’s actually not that much different to what you had before” Lol But the funny thing is, lengthwise, I’m sure it isn’t. But vibe wise, it’s a completely different thing. I did have a moment – say about 4 or so minutes where I thought – am I delusional doing this? Is this not going to work out the way I think it is? And then I’d remind myself that hair grows and so what if I wear a beanie for 3 months. Then I’d go back to ‘but what if my husband hates it’ Then ‘well hopefully he loves me for more than just my hair’ Then I thought ‘well, if we were to not be together would I do it?’ The answer was a resounding yes! So it was then I realised that if I wanted to do it for me – then I did actually want to do it. So I walked in and sat down and didn’t think about it again. Now was time for action – not thinking. It’s done now. At first, I wasn’t too sure. I didn’t really have any feelings about it. I didn’t hate it and I didn’t love it. But I also know that hair always makes your make up or your clothes change, so I had faith that I would get home, play with it a bit and figure it out. Since then… everyone that sees it loves the crap out of it. I actually think photo’s don’t do it justice. How do I feel now? I’m not sure I’ll keep it – I might play with it a bit more, dye it blond or pink first etc. But I haven’t found my niche with it just yet – so lets say, it’s too early to call. But I’m proud. Proud that I’m not scared of life. Proud that I’m not scared to do something I’ve always been curious about. I’m proud of who I am. I’m proud of giving it a go – especially when I didn’t know what the outcome would be. And whatever that outcome was would be so public. Lol


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