Can the real you come out a play?

Who are you? What is your identity?

What do people say about you when you’re not in the room?

What do strangers think of you?

What is your personal brand?

Does your identity match your personal brand – are you expressing yourself in real time?

You can google ‘personal brands’ all you like – the results usually have to do with looking professional and other - only external - requirements.

In my thinking though – your identity is made up of lots of things; family history, environment, past experiences, personality typology etc.

But your personal brand is not about your clothes or style per se, its more about ‘does the real you get to come out to play’?!

To be able to have a personal brand or rather an outward representation of who you are, (that matches who you are on the inside) you need to have answers for a few of the below…

Who are you?

What do you do?

How do you spend your days?

What is your overall attitude?

What are your relationships about?

To give you an idea of the type of answer you are looking for, and to make the most of full disclosure and transparency (as I like to do); here are MY responses:

Who am I?

An adventurer, an Enneagram 7, someone who SAVOURS life, I am SOULFULLY happy and present in each moment.

What do I do?

I am a Reinvention and Transformation Coach

How do I spend my days:

I spend my days self-caring and teaching others to self-care

What is my over-arching attitude:

I am positive, have healthy boundaries, am authentic and have few expectations of others


I focus on gratitude instead of grievances + having healthy boundaries

Now, you may want to do two of these – one for RIGHT NOW, in your CURRENT situation in life… and one for who you wish you were, in your ideal life situation!

When you compare the two, can you see that the way you spend your days, the attitudes you have and the relationships you have can be VERY different from those of the person you wish you were?!

To be the person you wish you were – you have to start behaving like that person.

So, for this exercise, lets focus on the second one only… who you want to be…

Look at the summary of who you wish you were… look at the things it takes to be that person; and go do that!

Once you start doing the things and living the life and making the choices of someone who lives your best life on a daily basis, once you start making those changes in the direction you want to move forward in; then the rest just follows….

Don’t believe me? Try it.

I spent years trying to fit in to a North Shore narrative, private schools, charity balls, expensive holidays and dinners… I changed from wearing bright costume jewellery and riding a motorbike to some serious real-life bling and driving a VW SUV.

I curbed my style and started wearing clothes that were more representative of the hoity toity IT crowd instead of the ripped boyfriend jeans and quirky booby tops.

Funny thing was that it was never me, and so I never quite cut the mustard. It’s like they could smell I was a fraud even before I knew it!

It also meant my relationships/friendships weren’t entirely authentic. I didn’t feel valued for who I was. Becaus