How I got here

I’m 46. Though I feel I’ve lived at least 8 different lives!

Born & bred in England, except when I was bred in Africa and moved to Australia for my adult life.

My brother was beaten up and killed at 17. I was about 10 at the time. After grieving, I rallied.

My sister had Cystic Fibrosis. She died 3 weeks before her 21st birthday – and the day before mine! I rallied (again).

Eventually I got married. He cheated. I stayed… but the egg was already cracked. We got divorced. I rallied.

You need some good news about now right?

Well, I met the love of my life! Yay!

We moved to a nice area, had two gorgeous children and were pretty happy.. Double yay!

He was then made redundant 3 times (due entirely to recessions) but we rallied. 

Our daughter had a traumatic experience at daycare. We rallied (yet again).

Between these 'events' we had all the usual issues people face – unpaid bills, job insecurities, family and friendship quarrels and so on, and for a while, life was 'normal'.

Then my boss hung himself. I rallied (I’m sick of saying ‘again’ but let's agree it’s implied)

School bullying started. Badly. We moved schools. We rallied.

I nearly broke when my dad died of leukaemia. But after a long while, ultimately, I rallied.

I took my widow mum on holiday with my family and had a mini-stroke while reading to our kids. I rallied.

My daughter was diagnosed with BPD (a complex personality disorder) and the consequences of this were dire. 
We rallied. We still rally.

The saving grace was that after ALL OF THIS, my husband underwent a personal journey of self-discovery and it was his journey toward authenticity and happiness that in fact helped me realise that with all that had happened in my life, I was strong - stronger than any other MOFO you probably know - but I wasn’t authentic or happy in myself.

I needed to do something different, do something for me.

I tell you this only to illustrate that I KNOW life is hard. I know what it feels like. I get it. I really do. 

But I also know that you can't live unless you're stepping into life as a full person. 

It's about figuring out who you really are. 

I am the queen of self-reinvention. Let me help you rally for your Self.